Create a line of defense protects your personal + business digital information

Our cyber and information security experts can help you think beyond ease of use and assumptions of data privacy and protection by identifying risks and mitigating them with best practice strategies and technology solutions. We can do so through the following services.

网络及资讯安全 Assessment

Expert examination and analysis of your family’s IT- and security-related gaps within your home. We identify opportunities for you to improve information security best practices with respect to areas such as network infrastructure, 无线网络安全, internet access and information sharing.

Information 安全程序开发

  • Strategic and tactical guidance to help establish a solid foundation and execute long-term solutions for the protection of the most essential data through risk mitigation and risk avoidance strategies
  • Employ technology solutions that combine the highest level of security with ease of access and operational robustness across the many devices and locations that create your digital footprint

Oversight of Managed Technology 服务

Our information security experts can serve, 在持续的基础上, as your family or business’s virtual chief information officer, chief technology officer or chief information security officer.


  • Review of your family’s digital identity landscape and potential identity exposure. Includes review of financial and non-financial documentation and, 如果有必要的话, remediation if identity theft has already occurred
  • Discreet advisory sessions with family members and family office directors and employees for security guidance
  • Detailed understanding of the risks associated with cyber attacks, the procedures designed to prevent such attacks, and response and recovery in the event of a data breach